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display in August, descendants being sought

Chinese women heritage for public 
display in August, descendants being sought

GEORGETOWN –2010 marks 150 years since the arrival of Chinese omen to Guyana and under the direction of Margery Kirkpatrick, director of Kirkpatrick’s Catering, there will be an exhibition on Chinese decent and history.

The milestone presentation will be made either at the National Museum or the Chinese Association, depending on the material available for display.

Speaking with Guyana News Online, Mrs. Kirkpatrick reiterated a call to all decedents of these migrants to come forward with any historical artifacts of their heritage.

The first set of Chinese women arrived in Guyana on March 11, 1860. The public display of their heritage will be held between August 17 and 28.

“We are asking all people of Chinese decent, women in particular, to make contact with us. We want to portray what Chinese women have done since they’ve been here. ” she said.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick will personally handle the family trees of these immigrants and according to her; the branches include all categories of people and races in Guyana. She cited both Indo and Afro Guyanese and Portuguese as being on the family tree.

“We are interested in hearing about who they are, who the descendants are and where they are in the world. We invite them to share their gifts.”

These descendants can contact Mrs. Kirkpatrick on telephone number +(592) 227-2626 or Email: kirkent@networksgy.com.

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