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Two more children successfully complete heart surgery in India

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ten month old Kenneth Prince and Nicholas Dudnauth, 6 years-old, returned to Guyana on Saturday morning following successful open heart surgery.  Kenneth Prince underwent closure of a large Ventricular Septal Defect (hole in the heart) and a Mitral Valve repair.

He also has failure to thrive with weight being just 5.2kg at 10 months of age.  All these factors added to the risk of surgery but this was the only option for the child.  This post operative recovery was uneventful.  Kenneth must continue taking medications for another 6 months which will improve his heart function.

Six year old Nicholas Dudnauth was suffering from Trasitional Atrioventricular Canal defect with leakage of valves and very high lung pressures.  His surgery was also very complex but again like Kenneth Prince surgery was the only hope for the child.  Nicholas made a marvellous recovery.

He will also have to take medications for another 3 months.  Both children should be able to live a normal life and no further cardiac surgeries will be needed.  For now they will need proper administration of their medications over the next few months, and the parents need to follow diet restrictions and fluid intake and output of the children.  This has all been explained to the mothers.

Dr. Viresh Mahajan, Paediatric Cardiologist from Max Hospital in Delhi conducted a free cardiac screening clinic in Guyana in September 2010, where he stressed that Kenneth and Nicholas needed urgent cardiac intervention.  The 2 children were on a list to go to India for treatment in February 2011, but had to be sent earlier.

Three Rivers Kids Foundation is making arrangements to send a group of 13 children from Guyana to Max Hospital in February 2011.  All the children will be undergoing open heart surgery.

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