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China to provide military training to Guyana

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GEORGETOWN (AP)-China will provide pilot training and Chinese-manufactured equipment to Guyana military as part of a campaign by the Asian economic giant to build stronger links with this resource-rich South American nation.
Army Chief of Staff Gary Best announced China’s latest military assistance agreement with Guyana on Thursday. He recently completed an 11-day visit to Beijing, where he held talks with government and military authorities.

China, which established diplomatic ties with Guyana in the 1970s, has been providing assistance to the government and military for years.
Few specifics about the latest agreement with China were disclosed, but government spokesman Kwame McKoy described the military pact as “routine stuff,” part of “ongoing agreements with China reflecting the need for sharing of knowledge and expertise.”
In recent years, China has financed a textile mill and farms, while Guyana has maintained its “one-China policy,” which does not favor independence for Beijing’s rival, Taiwan.

Guyana, where top exports include gold and diamonds, also regularly receives aid and training from Britain and the United States


‘Pictures of Guyana’ DVD launched

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GEORGETOWN -The third in a series of successful video productions on Guyana was officially introduced tonight by producer and lovally acclaimed helicopter pilot-Mike Charles.

Outside of his piloting skills, Charles is known for his production of ‘Guyana Yours to Discover’ and ‘Wild Guyana’. Both have played and continue to play notable roles in the promotion of Guyana around the world.

Charles’ newest DVD release is titled ‘Pictures of Guyana.’

As its name suggests the release highlights, throught photography, aspects of a “magnificient country”. The pictures portray Guyana as a country where the people and culture co-exist in harmony with nature.

“It captures the quintessence of the 40million hectares of intact rainforest…This DVD is the production of years of photography accross Guyana,” Charles said.

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Floods damage Guyana road: food, fuel supply low

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GUYANA/BRAZIL (AP) -Heavy rains have damaged a 350-mile (560-kilometer) jungle road that links Guyana and Brazil and threatened to cut off food and fuel supplies to communities in the region, officials said today, Wednesday.

Some bus operators have suspended service while others are traveling with heavy wooden planks to build makeshift bridges over flooded areas.

The government has sent crews to repair craters on one of the Guyana’s main highways, but warned it could take several days because it is raining incessantly.

“It is getting crucial,” said Clarendo Lucas, administrative chairman of the peanut-growing and cattle-ranching Lethem region. “We have advised big buses and trucks not to risk it.”

He warned that, if the rains persist and if repairs are not made, communities could face shortages of rice, sugar and other supplies that normally come from the coast.

Guyana’s rainy season runs from April to August.

Mahdia Gold Corp. Announces $2,000,000 Private Placement and Negotiations to Acquire GUY Whitecreek

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MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO (Marketwire) – Mahdia Gold Corp announces a private placement financing of $2,000,000 for property acquisitions and working capital purposes. The financing will close on August 6th, 2010. The financing will be a share issue of 10,000,000 units. Each unit will comprise of one share at $0.20 with a half warrant. One full warrant at $0.40 exercisable for two years.

Mahdia Gold Corp announces negotiations to acquire the Whitecreek gold bearing property in Guyana.

The company is in negotiations to acquire 100% of the hard rock mineral rights to the Whitecreek gold bearing property. The Whitecreek property was owned by Stratagold Resources (TSXV) and Stratagold’s Guyana’s activities were partly financed by Newmont Mining. Stratagold no longer controls the Whitecreek gold property. Mahdia Gold Corp is in a position to acquire what could become a valuable asset for Mahdia Gold Corp.  Read more…

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Guyanese female basketball player takes “rebounding strengths” to NYC team

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By: Ann Miller (

NEW WORK/ GUYANA -Carlotta Mingo made the huge leap from Guyana to New York as a teenager and a small step two years ago to attend Harcum College. She will make another huge leap this fall when she comes to the University of Hawaii to play basketball.

Mingo, a 6-foot power forward, is the fourth recruit the Rainbow Wahine have signed for Dana Takahara-Dias’ second season as head coach. She is, by far, the most intriguing.

Mingo moved from Guyana to Brooklyn with her father when she was 14. She started playing basketball soon after at South Shore High School, then moved on to Harcum, a junior college with 850 students in Bryn Mawr, Pa., to study nursing.

Last season, she ranked 10th in NJCAA Division II in rebounding (10.69) and her team was 29-2 and 10th in the final poll. She had game highs of 18 rebounds and 16 points.

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Chavez: Venezuela can satisfy Guyana’s fuel needs

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GEORGETOWN -President Hugo Chavez has offered to supply Guyana with all the fuel it needs, saying Venezuela should share its oil wealth with its neighbors and strengthen regional unity.

Chavez told President Bharrat Jagdeo that Venezuela is willing to increase oil shipments of 5,000 barrels a day to 10,000 barrels, which would satisfy Guyana’s fuel needs.

Guyana receives Venezuelan oil under the Petrocaribe program, which provides Chavez’s regional allies with cheap oil in exchange for goods or services – not just cash. (AP)

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Trial Focuses on Iran Ties of Kennedy Plot Suspect

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Abdul Kadir, on trial over a plot against Kennedy Airport (NY Times photo)

NEW YORY/ GEORGETOWN (New York Times) -The trial of two men accused of plotting to attack Kennedy International Airport took an unexpected twist on Wednesday when prosecutors suggested that one of the men, a former government official in Guyana, had spied on behalf of the Iranian government.

The former government official, Abdul Kadir, admitted under cross-examination that in the mid-1980s he drafted reports about Guyana’s economy, foreign policy and military for the Iranian ambassador to Venezuela, which included details like the low morale in the army. The hand-written documents included a “five-year development plan” that made reference to infiltrating the military, police and other government agencies.

Mr. Kadir, testifying in United States District Court in Brooklyn for the second straight day, appeared surprised by the direction of the questioning. He initially denied having been in contact with Iranian officials, but admitted to it after being confronted with the material he had written. Nevertheless he said he was not a spy, insisting he was focused instead on promoting Islam and that the letters he sent included no state secrets but information freely available in the newspapers.

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