Guyana News Online officially launches its ENTERTAINMENT Page with JAMZONE 2010.
This publication considers the launch a timely endeavour and hopes for the success of both this year’s Jamzone events as well as our own.

JAMZONE -from then to now


By: The Jamzone Organizing Committee

Traditionally, the month of August has always been deemed the vacation season in Guyana. Schools close their doors and there is an influx of tourist visiting the country for ‘their’ summer vacation.

This committee constantly pondered on ways they could improve the usual festivities and create an event of such magnitude that it would attract a massive influx of both the local and international communities while providing them with a packed roster of entertainment and leisure activities; thereby contributing substantially to the development our country’s tourism sector and further establishing Guyana as a tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Consequently, the first Jamzone Summer Break Fun day was launched in 2001 followed by the Miss Jamzone Beach Pageant in 2002. Despite the fact that both events were still in their initial stages, the team received enthusiastic reviews and ardent support from local citizens and the private and public sector for their laudable efforts.

In 2009, the team formed an alliance with the Ministry of Tourism which had subsequently endorsed Jamzone as an annual ‘calendar-activity’ and transformed the Jamzone Summer Break into a four-day event featuring three nights of super concerts and the usual fun-day, concert and beach pageant at the Splashmins fun park. Those in attendance were thrilled by performances of local and regional artistes including Soca superstar Machel Montano and the HD Band, Chutney idols Karma Band, Kenneth Salik, Anil Singh, Drupattie, Hitman and Reggae/Dancehall megastars Busy Signal, Mr. Vegas and Peetah Morgan.

Ne Yo

Approximately 50,000 persons attended the events over the four-day span and among the myriad of commendable reviews Jamzone 2009 was unofficially declared ‘the greatest event that Guyana had ever witnessed’.

This year, Hits and Jams Entertainment will be celebrating its tenth anniversary and a series of activities have been planned to celebrate those successful years of contributing to the development of the local tourism sector. The team has an extensive layout of activities, which include the annual Jamzone Super Concerts however.

This year’s Miss Jamzone Beach Pageant will include delegates from Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Brazil, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados and Guyana. This new concept was created as part of the committee’s aim of widening the event’s regional appeal while simultaneously garnering support of neighboring Caribbean territories.

Hits and Jams has consistently maintained a very high standard and level of professionalism and this year will be not differ as the team ventures to raise the bar with an unsurpassable level of entertainment and leisure aimed at attracting both local and foreign citizens and sustaining their ardent contributions to Guyana’s tourism industry.


As mentioned before Jamzone Summer Break Weekend will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and the organizers have planned an extensive roster of activities to commemorate this special occasion.

Six days will be allotted for the events, which include the Swimsuit and Intelligence segments of the Miss Jamzone International 2010 pageant, several super concerts and the Beach Jam and Pageant at the Splashmins Fun Park and Resort.

Jamzone Chutney Super Concert- August 14th, 2010

Last year, Guyanese were treated to performances by some of the biggest Chutney Artistes within the region including Karma Band, Drupattie, Rakesh Yankaran, De Hitman, Anil Singh and Kenneth Salick. This year patrons can expect performances of equal magnitude from several topical artistes within the Caribbean.

Miss Jamzone Swimsuit Segment- August 15th, 2010

This event will be deemed the ‘Miss Jamzone International 2010 Pageant’s Swimsuit Segment and Fashion Extravaganza’. Delegates will don and display swimsuits while being judged on various criterions. Subsequently, the fashion show will begin and models will display clothing of top local and regional designers.

Miss Jamzone Intelligence Segment- August 18th, 2010

This event will undergo drastic changes this year as a result of the ‘regional inclusion’. Delegates will be required to complete a three-minute presentation, focused on marketing their country as a perfect tourist destination, followed by the talent and evening gown segments.

Jamzone Reggae/Dancehall Super Concert- August 20th, 2010

A Jamaican Dancehall Megastar will headline this show along with several supporting local and regional Dancehall and Reggae acts.

Jamzone International Super Concert- August 21st, 2010

For the first time ever, an International Artiste will perform at this event. Patrons will be charged an affordable fee to enjoy this experience.

Jamzone Beach Jam- August 22nd, 2010

Patrons will enjoy the usual festivities at the Splashmins Fun Park and Resort inclusive of family-oriented games, water sports and overall fun and entertainment.

Miss Jamzone International 2010 Pageant-August 22nd, 2010

This will be the final segment of the pageant. Delegates will first showcase their ‘National Dress’ followed by their ‘Fantasy Beach Wear’. They will also be required to answer a ‘final’ question which will result in the selection of the winner.



The Hits and Jams Entertainment team of Guyana has been hosting this annual event since the year 2001 as part of the Jamzone Summer Break Weekend and Beach Jam.

This tourism-based beauty contest, which places special emphasis on conservation, protection and improvement of potential tourist destinations in Guyana, has evolved drastically since its initial stages and has successfully secured itself as one of the most reputable pageants countrywide.

The first pageant was held at the Splashmins Fun Park in August of 2001 and subsequently Nicole Austin walked away with $40,000 GYD (US $200). In the second year, the team ventured to improve their standards and offered the hopeful contenders a motor scooter as incentive; which was driven off by 2002 queen Miss Sharon Osbourne. However, in another attempt to raise the bar and elevate the level of competition Hits and Jams Entertainment offered a motor car valued in excess of one million dollars as an inducement which was carried off by Miss Jamzone 2003 Eleta James. This reward was maintained in subsequent years and several young ladies have been lucky recipients of this prize.

Further, it is important to note that several of our past queens and runner- ups have gone on to represent Guyana in the Miss Tourism, Miss World, Miss Europe, Miss Caribbean World and a host of other international pageants.

The 2010 Pageant–This year, Hits and Jams Entertainment has chosen to deviate from their customary approach with aims of improving this event once again. The move is another in a entertainment group’s consistency in elevating its standards.

With that, the team has taken an initiative to transform the pageant’s format -aspiring to fortify its regional appeal while simultaneously garnering the support of our neighboring countries and sustaining integration within the region.

Unlike previous years, where the pageant comprised of ONLY local delegates, this year, contestants will be selected from various Caribbean territories, each individual being the ambassador for their respective homeland. The event will be titled the ‘Miss Jamzone International 2010 pageant’.

The organizing committee has formed alliances with several competent modeling/talent agencies in these countries and has successfully acquired an impressive line-up of beauties to compete for the crown. Participating countries include Guyana, The Dominican Republic, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, Barbados, Surinam and Trinidad and Tobago.

This year, delegates will participate in the usual ‘Swimsuit, Intelligence and Cultural Display’ segments; however, since each contestant is representing an individual territory, they are required to promote a chosen tourist destination of their respective countries. Also, instead of showcasing a costume, contestants will display a ‘National Dress’.

The competition will commence on Sunday August 15th with the Miss Jamzone International 2010 pageant’s Swimsuit Segment, followed by the Intelligence Segment on August 18th and curtains close on August 22nd where the first Miss Jamzone International queen will be crowned.


Cinthia Katherine Paula -Dominican Republic (18 yrs old)

Name: Cinthia Katherine Paula

Age: 18

Country: The Dominican Republic

Languages: English, Spanish

Height: 5ft 6inches

Hobbies: Modeling, surfing, reading

‘Do not take my age for granted, I’m a strong forced to be reckoned with’, says Miss Dominica. Cinthia is the youngest delegate in the pageant and believes that she possesses all the necessary attributes to be crowned Miss Jamzone International 2010.

Cinthia has always had a love for modeling and hopes to one day achieve her goal of standing among the likes of Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

This ravishing beauty is thrilled to be apart of this event especially since she has the chance to exhibit the lifestyles and culture of her beautiful homeland.

Name: Shari Janay McEwan

Shari McEwam -Antigua (22 yrs old)

Age: 22

Country: Antigua and Barbuda

Languages: English

Height: 5ft 11inches

Hobbies: Reading, writing stories, watching movies

This accomplished beauty queen is currently a third year student at the Hertfordshire University in the United Kingdom pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. A strong advocate of cultural integration, Shari believes that she is the ideal candidate to represent the beautiful land of sun, sand and sea.

In 2006, this Guyanese-born beauty was bestowed the crown of Miss Antigua Universe and confidently represented her country at the Miss Universe Pageant. Shari considers that experience to be the stepping stone for her subsequent endeavors and believes that her passion for life and successful are the key attributes that will award her the coveted crown.

Je-Meila Ramona Maloney -Barbados (19 yrs old)

Name: Je-Meila Ramona Maloney

Age: 19

Country: Barbados Languages: English

Height: 5ft 7inches

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting and writing poetry

A highly philosophical individual, Miss Maloney strives zealously to ‘create a better tomorrow’ by consistently empowering her fellow youths in this regard. At just sixteen 16years old Je-Meila created the ‘Emerging Global Leaders’ youth group in Barbados and due to its consequent popularity she was sent by UNICEF to represent the entire Caribbean and Latin America at the J8 Summit in 2008 in Chitose City Japan. There she was selected to meet the G8 Leaders of 2008 where she advocated for child rights and other global issues. Je- Meila is a classic example of ‘beauty with a purpose’ and she proudly represents the stunning paradise, Barbados.

Joy-Ann Biscette -St. Lucia (24 yrs old)

Name: Joy-Ann Biscette

Age: 24

Country: St. Lucia

Languages: English

Height: 5ft 7inches

Hobbies: dancing, singing calypso music, socializing

In 2008 Joyann was handpicked from six other rivals and later represented her country at the Miss World 2008 pageant. Joyannn is currently attached to the sales and service department of her country tourism industry and she confidently believes that pageantry is the ideal vehicle for a woman to exercise her strength and confidence and showcase her intelligence and beauty. She fervently aims to become an international relations tourist agent.

Lesa-Gayle Wee Tom -Jamaica (21-yrs old)

Name: Lesa-Gayle Wee Tom

Age: 21

Country: Jamaica

Languages: English, Spanish

Height: 5ft 5inches

Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping, Socializing, Volunteering at various charity events.

Miss Jamaica, Lesa-Gayle Wee Tom can be confidently declared an accomplished individual. This 21 year old has already created an incredible reputation by winning countless pageants regionally and internationally; she was also a cast member on B.E.T’s College Hill reality show. Lesa, who currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in tourism/hospitality management, describes herself as an assertive yet graceful person who possesses the discipline to achieve any goal.

Alcinda Deborah Huisden -Suriname (22 yrs old)

Name: Alcinda Deborah Huisden

Age: 22

Country: Suriname

Languages: Dutch, English

Height: 5ft 6inches

Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing, Singing and Modeling

This vivacious 22year old professional model envelops the rich and diverse culture of our neighboring Dutch territory. An aspiring journalist Alcinda is currently pursuing her tertiary education with hopes of accomplishing her child-hood dreams.

In 2008, she contested for the title of Miss Surinam World and eventually placed third runner- up. Alcinda described the experience as ‘incredible’ and further explained that her confidence and humility were enhanced significantly as consequence.

She assertively advises other contestants that her poised and dignified stature coupled with her drive for success will in eventuality result in nothing less of 100% success.

Nikita Archer -Guyana (24 yrs old)

Name: Nikita Archer

Age: 24

Country: The Republic of Guyana

Languages: English, Spanish, French Portuguese

Hobbies: Dancing, reading and socializing

This former Bishops High School graduate is currently attached to Queens College High School as a French/Spanish teacher. At just 24 years Nikita is already moving apace on the path to fulfill her goal of being an established linguist and she fervently advocates ‘education’ which she believes is a ‘process of living and not a preparation for future living’.

In a recent interview, Ms. Archer described herself as empathetic, flexible and strong in interpersonal skills. She confessed while that she’s somewhat an introvert person her reclusive nature often simulates an air of confidentiality, reliability and a strong sense of self.

Regardless of the pressure that surrounds being the local ambassador Nikita is looking forward to 100% support and is confident that she will make Guyana proud.

Cliffvero Elizabeth Robinson -Trinidad n Tobago (20 yrs old)

Name: Cliffvero Elizabeth Robinson

Age: 20

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Languages: English

Height: 5ft 7inches

Hobbies: Modeling, swimming, playing tennis, playing the Steel Pan and Key Board

Standing at 5ft 7inches, this ebony beauty considers herself a motivational woman of class, grace and exquisite charm. Elizabeth is an avid pageant enthusiast and she believes that

her past endeavors have played an intrinsic role in molding her character and fueling her goals.

No stranger to pageantry Elizabeth has already secured multiple titles in Trinidad including: queen Miss Royal Princess Casino 2010, queen Miss Tamana 2010, second runner-up Miss Teen Trinidad and Tobago, runner-up Miss Elegance 2008 and 2009.

  1. Leon
    July 11, 2010 at 1:57 am

    I find the women (Dominican Republic and Jamaica) very attractive. Their bodies are very bodacious and well developed!!!!

  2. Love pageant
    July 11, 2010 at 2:46 am

    Wish i could of been there to see the miss jamzone 2010 pageant. All those ladies are so beautiful that they will make it harder for the judges to pick a winner. My opinion for the miss jamzone 2010 it will be between Dominican Republic and Jamaica, cause they have a bigger chance then the others. Good luck u all.

  1. July 11, 2010 at 1:43 am

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