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New company formed to promote transparency and eradicate corruption

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Transparency International Guyana Inc., a new entity, has been incorporated under the Companies Act as a non-governmental non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting transparency and eradicating corruption. The founding directors – Bernard Crawford, David James, Fr. Compton Meerabux, Keith Park, Gino Persaud, Ms. Nadia Sagar and Enrico Woolford – have begun the process for formal recognition of the local entity as a National Chapter of Transparency International (TI), based in Germany.

TI which leads a global coalition against corruption originated in Europe in 1993.  It is an independent, non-political non-profit organisation that publishes annually the Corruption Perception Index, Bribe Payers Index and national surveys and indices. It has a global network of over 90 chapters and adopts a non-confrontational approach to promoting transparency and eradicating corruption in the public and private sectors.

The Secretary of the Guyana entity is broadcaster Enrico Woolford and the legal consultant is Christopher Ram. Membership of TIGI is open to resident and non-resident Guyanese individuals and organisations that subscribe to its By-Laws and Code of Conduct which require of its members high standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct. TIGI has commissioned a website on which it will make available all its incorporation documents, Code of Conduct and links to international and regional publications on corruption’s impacts, policy positions and working papers.

Transparency International Guyana envisions a Guyana where citizens are able to access and meet their basic needs in healthcare, education, housing and employment without fear or favour; where information that affects the citizens are freely available; where public and private officials in positions of trust are held accountable; and where transparency in public and private institutions allows citizens to participate meaningfully in the decisions affecting them.

TIGI will soon embark on a series of meetings with members of the Government, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and individuals to discuss collaborative efforts in meeting the goals of the organisation.

The Directors and members of the local entity hope to raise awareness of the many faces of corruption, its causes and consequences resulting in a society diminished of resources, unable to provide its citizens with functioning institutions and a decent standard of living. Very specifically TIGI hopes to engage actively in the formulation of a Freedom of Information Act, the draft of which the Government has announced will be available shortly, and codes of conduct for various sectors in the Guyana society.

TIGI expresses its appreciation to Transparency International and the Trinidad and Tobago National Chapter for the guidance, encouragement and support towards its progress so far.

Persons interested in becoming a member or simply seeking more information on Transparency International Guyana are invited to call Mr. Enrico Woolford at 227-8289, Mr. Bernard Crawford at 226-3895 or Mr. Christopher Ram at 227-6141.


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