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Guyana to lift ban on scrap metal shipments

GEORGETOWN (AP) -Guyana’s government has agreed to lift a ban on shipments of scrap metal after dealers agreed to let utility companies inspect cargos for stolen goods, the  Chamber of Commerce president -Komal Ramnath said Wednesday.

Almost 100 cargo containers destined for Europe and Asia have sat on the pier since the government halted shipments five months ago.

The Chamber of Commerce President said inspections of the containers will begin in upcoming days.

Guyana has imposed several temporary bans on exporting iron, copper and other materials because thieves had stolen so much wiring from traffic lights in the city of Georgetown that police were forced to direct traffic for more than a year until new lights were installed.

Thieves also have targeted the airport, public utilities and private homes. That disrupted telephone and Internet services to more than 5,000 customers last month.

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