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First Bauxite announces new discoveries

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -First Bauxite Corporation today announced the discovery of bauxite at surface and a mineral resource estimate on the Waratilla-Cartwright Prospecting Licence.

In December 2009 the company had announced the start of sonic drilling of the bauxite deposits on the Waratilla-Cartwright Prospecting Licence (the “Warcart PL”) to explore their extent, quality and continuity of a mineralized zone in the north of the PL, now referred to as the Upper Waratilla Cartwright deposit (“UWC”).

Since this date, a NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate has been prepared based on 150 sonic drill holes and 1907 analyses for major oxides and LOI. The mineralized zone extends over an area of some 1600m x 700m remains open to the north, where additional drilling is merited.

The UWC deposit was drilled initially on a grid of 120 x 120m over an area of broad mineralization; subsequently, the area of highest resource potential was in-filled by holes centered within the 120m squares to provide an effective drill spacing of 85m.

The Company’s SDC550-18 sonic drill rig was used and as a result of the success of this drilling program, a NI 43 101 Technical Report will be issued within the next thirty days in support of the mineral resource estimate. Representative, composite mineralogical and metallurgical composite core samples are currently being treated at SGS Lakefield, Ontario.

First Bauxite also announced that on May 18, 2010, Company geologists discovered outcrops of high quality bauxite exposed in a creek bed in the South-West sector of the Waratilla Cartwright Prospecting Licence.

On June 3 the Company mobilized its sonic drill rig to test this exciting discovery and to date 83 holes at a spacing of 120 x 120 m have been drilled totaling 3133m. This zone is now referred to as the Lower Waratilla Cartwright (“LWC”) deposit.

Analyses are available for 53 holes and the Company has made available the results for the 42 holes that encountered significant bauxite intercepts.

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