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‘Pictures of Guyana’ DVD launched

GEORGETOWN -The third in a series of successful video productions on Guyana was officially introduced tonight by producer and lovally acclaimed helicopter pilot-Mike Charles.

Outside of his piloting skills, Charles is known for his production of ‘Guyana Yours to Discover’ and ‘Wild Guyana’. Both have played and continue to play notable roles in the promotion of Guyana around the world.

Charles’ newest DVD release is titled ‘Pictures of Guyana.’

As its name suggests the release highlights, throught photography, aspects of a “magnificient country”. The pictures portray Guyana as a country where the people and culture co-exist in harmony with nature.

“It captures the quintessence of the 40million hectares of intact rainforest…This DVD is the production of years of photography accross Guyana,” Charles said.

The 1 hour 15 minutes long production showcases 850 photographs recorded over the last 2 and a half years.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Indranauth Haralsingh said the production has received the full endorcement of his office and the the Tourism Ministry.

During a brief discourse at the DVD launch, the GTA Director encouraged all Guyanese to take charge of the promotion of their country. He said the DVD shows what Guyana has to offer to tourists.

‘Pictures of Guyana’ was initially launched in Toronto Canada on June 19, where it was reportedly “well received”.

The DVD is available at all local Tour Operators and the GTA at a cost of US$10 or GY$2,000.

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