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Undercover informant slept with daughter of alleged terrorist during secret missions in Guyana

NEW YORK/ GUYANA –Now that’s some undercover work!

The Joint Terrorist Task Force informant who helped bring down the plot to blow up Kennedy Airport was sleeping with a would-be terrorist’s daughter.

Steven Francis, an ex-con playing the role of a wanna-be terrorist, had an affair with the daughter of one of the co-conspirators, according to the lawyer for defendant Abdul Kadir.

Francis’ wife was pregnant in the U.S. while he was in Guyana in 2007 secretly taping planning sessions about the attack and cavorting with the daughter of Abdel Nur.

Defense lawyer Toni Marie Messina argued yesterday that Francis is a phony for telling the jury he was a devout Muslim: “That is contradicted specifically by the fact, and the government concedes to this, that he had sexual relations with [Nur’s daughter),” Messina said.

Another co-conspirator, Donald Nero, suggested that he backed out of the plot after learning of Francis’ horndog behavior.

Prosecutor Jason Jones argued that Francis should not be asked about his relationship with the young woman because it was irrelevant and the defense was only trying to embarrass their star witness.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry agreed: “Did anybody give him orders to go and have an affair with Miss Nur? I don’t think so,” the judge said. Abdul Nur pleaded guilty on the eve of trial and his lawyer declined comment yesterday.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2010/07/16/2010-07 -16_informant_bedded_terror_daughter.html#ixzz0trrQGIUB

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