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Guyana’s log exports drop -Market trends

GEORGETOWN -Guyana’s log export trade has slowed recently as producers concentrate on sawnwood production to meet strong domestic demand stemming from the active domestic housing sector. However, exports of purpleheart continued with relatively stable prices compared to the previous fortnight period. Prices for rough sawn (undressed) greenheart (select) sawnwood improved as did the prices for purpleheart and mora.

Dressed greenheart prices fetched US$1187 per cu.m, up from US$1060 recorded in the previous fortnight period, while prices for dressed purpleheart remained stable. Some other dressed sawnwood species including bulletwood (macaranduba) kabukalli (cupiuba) and red cedar (cedro) also recorded price increases and contributed significantly to the total export earnings for this fortnight period.

Baromalli plywood in both BB/CC and utility categories recorded higher prices compared to the levels two weeks ago. Also prices for roundwood, fuelwood and wallaba splitwood (shingles) gained and exports increased.

Some of the exported value-added products with an upward trend in prices during this fortnight were outdoor garden furniture made from locust (courbaril, jatoba) and mouldings from red cedar (cedro) and crabwood (andiroba). Other exported value-added products were handicrafts, doors, door components and indoor furniture.

Legality Assurance System for the forestry sector

The Forest Products Development and Marketing Council of Guyana (FPDMC) has recognised the importance of an effective legality assurance system for the forestry sector. In terms of institutional arrangements, the FPDMC is envisaged to be the national governing body in charge of the Guyana Legal Assurance System and Chain of Custody.

An Awards and Oversight Committee will be in place to provide oversight for auditor selection, granting of certificates and quality control. The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) will be responsible for issuing certificates. An international review body will be appointed to review / audit the system to assure its compliance internationally.

The FPDMC and GNBS are working closely together to complete the standardisation which will be a critical step towards internationally recognised certification for Guyana’s forestry sector. According to reports, licenses to be issued under the Legality Assurance System will be both “shipment based” and “operator based”.

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