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Alisha Fortune takes women’s 200m open gold in 24.33

TRINIDAD/ GUYANA –Alisha Fortune took women’s 200m open gold in 24.33 and fellow Guyanese Neisa Allen grabbed bronze in 25.86, with Cassandra Blake (Jamaica, 25.62) finishing between the pair, at the 36th Hampton International Games yesterday, second and final day of the competition.

Meanwhile, Trinidad’s Emmanuel Callender escaped a tight pack to win the prized 200-metre invitational sprint event at the.

Callender, running in lane eight, seized the advantage in the final 20 metres, although his victory, which stopped the clock at 20.68 seconds, would not have been by much more than a nose. He held off Jamaica’s Oshane Bailey, who crossed the line second in 20.72, and Adam Harris of Guyana, who finished third in 20.78.

Bailey had the early advantage, but Callender finished strong to pip the pair of Harris and Bailey, who led most of the way. Jamaica took fourth and fifth through Oral Thompson (20.91) and Sheldon Mitchell (21.03) respectively.

Men’s 200m gold was taken by Gordon Lelonde of Tigers Athletic (21.15), with Memphis runner Honore McDonald settling for silver ahead of Quincy Clarke (Guyana Defence Force, 21.98).

Jules La Rode completed the middle distance double, taking the Men’s 800m after winning the men’s one mile run in 4:21.14.

Venezuela’s Roselbis Storme clocked 2:15.84, for an easy win over D’Abadie Progressive’s Kimberly George (2:31.96).

On Saturday, Jamaica’s Oral Thompson dominated the men’s 400m invitational race to win in 45.89, with Jarrell Sullivan (47.27) second and Edino Steele (47.79) third.

Honore McDonald of Memphis took the men’s 400m in 47.47, with Jamal James (Quantum) and Kervin Morgan (Memphis) second and third in that order.

Shaun Stewart of Memphis won the men’s 100m in 10.76, leaving second place to Suriname’s Jurgen Themen (10.77) with Quasi Clarke of Guyana Defence Force (10.80), third.

The women’s invitational 100m went to Tianna Madison of the USA in 11.39, with T&T’s Ayanna Hutchinson snatching silver and compatriot Sasha Springer third in 11.83.

In the relays, Memphis ‘A’ dominated the 4x100m events, taking the men’s version in 41.11 ahead of the Guyana Defence Force and Tigers Athletic, the girls Under-15, and the boys under-17 versions, while also picking up silver in boys under-13, girls under-13, with Memphis ‘B’ snaring silver in the girls under-15.

In the field events, Ayanna Alexander (13.73m) was the women’s triple jump champ, beating out Valerie Juntoena (12.24) and Esmeralda Lynch (11.28) of Suriname.

Guyana’s Alisha Fortune took the women’s 200m sprint for her club Running Brave, clocking 24.33, with Cassandra Blake (25.62) second and Neisa Allen (Running Brave, 25.86) third.

Yesterday’s Hampton

Results (Selected):

Women’s 200m Open

1. Alisha Fortune (Running Brave, Guyana) – 24.33 2. Cassandra Blake (Jamaica) 25.62 3. Neisa Allen (Running Brave, Guyana) – 25.86

Boys U-20 200m

1. Kristian Joseph (Zenith) – 21.87 3 2. Brendon Bruce (Abilene) – 22.64 3. Aaron Gaberial (Spartans) – 22.66

Girls U-20 200m

1. Danielle Clarke (Tropical Runners) – 24.80 2. Kamaria Durant (Simplex) – 25.23 3. Mattica McAllister (Mercury Fast Lane) – 28-23

Boys U-20 800m

1. Sterlen Paul (Neon Trackers) – 1:55.32 2. Luciano Bradio (Venezuela) – 1:56.46 3. Devery Robley (Cougars) – 1:57.00

Men’s Javelin Throw

1. Emmanuel Stewart (Zenith) – 58.81m 2. Leclain Baird (Guyana Def Force) – 55.47m 3. Timon Thomas (P Stars) – 52.81m

Men’s Triple Jump

1. Ayata Joseph (Antigua) -15.93m 2. Damion Lapompe (Western Jets) – 14.18m 3. Deon Boldwyn (Suriname) – 13.88m

Women’s Shot Put

1. Sharisse Downey (Burnley) 9.96m 2. Candace Radgman (Zenith) – 9.80m 3. Vanessa Plak (AV Profosoe) – 8.82m

Women’s Long Jump

1. Rhonda Watkins (QRC) 6.69m 2. Tanika Liburd (St Kitts/Nevis) – 6.35m 3. Amber Bledsoe (USA) – 6.32m

Men’s Discus Throw

1. Emmanuel Stewart (unattached) – 50.94 2. Kellon Alexis (Grenada) – 42.46 3. Jayon Creedland (Grenada) – 41.88m

Women’s High Jump

1. Sheree Francis (Jamaica) – 1.85m 2. Peaches Roach (Jamaica) – 1.75m 3. Aiesha Colthrust (Neon Trackers) – 1.45m

Saturday’s Results (Selected):

Women’s 100m

1. Alisha Fortune (Running Brave, Guyana) – 11.89 2. Amber Bledsoe (USA) – 11.97 3. Neisa Allen (Running Brave) – 12.81

Women’s 400m

1. Tiandia Ponteen (St Kitts/Nevis) – 53.43 2. Dominique Blake (Jamaica) – 53.72 3. Melissa De Leon (T&T) – 54.76

Women’s 100m Hurdles

1. Cherry Damu (USA) – 12.95 2. Andrea Bliss (Jamaica) – 13.40 3. Jessica Ohanaja (Nigeria) – 13.96

Women’s Triple Jump

1. Ayana Alexander (Unattached) – 13.73 2. Valerie Juntoena (SNL) – 12.24 3. Esmeralda Lynch (AV Profosoe) – 11.28

Women’s Javelin Throw

1. Denice Frederick (unattached) – 36.63

Men’s Masters 100m

1. Ian Andrews – 12.93 2. Ashamed Siddiq – 13.41

Men’s 100m

1. Shaun Stewart (Memphis) – 10.76 2. Jurgen Themen (AV Profosoe, Suriname) – 10.77 3. Quasi Clarke (Guyana Def Force) – 10.80

Women’s U-20 100m

1. Danielle Clarke 2. Shun-Shauna Mason (Concorde) – 12.26 3. Kamaria Durant (Simplex) – 12.28

Women’s Invitational 100m

1. Tianna Madison (USA) – 11.39 2. Ayanna Hutchinson (T&T) – 11.61 3. Sasha Springer (T&T) – 11.83

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