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Tarurus Riley leads concert against domestic violence

Tarrus Riley with fans at Brutal-TV channel 2 (Mark Murray photo)

By: Mark Murray

GEORGETOWN –Jamaican artiste Tarrus Riley believes that young people need to focus more on the positive messages of his music.

During an interview at a local television station, the artiste said he has never been in favor of domestic violence, which he believes is now affecting society.

“I don’t believe in any kind of violence especially a man to  woman or a woman to man. I think that relationships should not be violent… they should be filled with love and joy even when you have problems, you don’t have to fight,” Riley said.

The reggae artiste is encouraging young people to use his lyrics and his music as a means of empowering themselves and not allow society to determine who they become in the future.

“I want the young people to become more intellectual and spiritual about themselves despite the many challenges you may face in today’s world. You know the struggle about money but there is always a bright side and we are here as that bright side to keep you up. Remember –once you have life you have a chance”

Tarrus Riley is known in the entertainment arena as an outspoken advocate against domestic violence and one of his more recent hits “Cut it Off” seems to encourage abused women to end the relationships with their abusers.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Wildfire Entertainment (WE) –Jonathan Beepat says his company has acknowledged that society has turned something of a blind eye to domestic violence and as such WE will play its part in raising awareness on the social ill.

“We see domestic violence on the rise and we have an artiste who is an advocate against domestic violence so we are basically using our resources and influences to try and brace that awareness to help people understand that this is an ill on our society,” Beepat said.

The Wildfire entertainment boss also pointed to the highly anticipated ‘Temperature’ concert scheduled for tonight at the National Park. He said plans are on stream and patrons can expect nothing but clean and positive vibes.

The entertainment company in a recent press release said, Gyptian the other artiste billed to perform with Tarrus Riley, will arrive in Guyana sometime today following a performance n St Maarten on Friday night.

Other artistes scheduled to perform at the show include Spidaman out of the Wildfire Camp, and Mystic and Ilaman out of Brutal Tracks Recording Studio. Also being introduced to Guyana are two new Guyanese artists Eva Blazin and Dublin.

Security at tonight’s show will be tight and WE considers the National Park as the ideal venue with its paved tarmac – a necessity given the current rainy season.

Tickets for the show are on sale at $2,500 each at Beepat’s, Medicare Pharmacy, White Castle Fish Shop, Giftland Officemax and Nanda’s Boutique while tickets that will be sold on the night will at the gate will cost $3,000.

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