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National Grade Six Assessment results released

…more candidates score above 50 percent

GEORGETOWN -The Ministry of Education released results for the National Grade Six Assessment examinations, written in April, on Monday.

At a press conference hosted at his Brickdam office today, Minister of Education Shaik Baksh said that approximately 14,804 students entered the assessment this year representing a nine percent decrease from 2009.

He explained that a percentage of marks gained at the Grade Two score in Mathematics and English and 10 percent of the Grade Four score in the same subjects were added to 85 percent of each candidate’s score. The Grade Two assessment accounts for five percent of the aggregate; Grade Four for 10 percent and Grade Six for 85 percent. The combined scores for Mathematics and English were added to the scores gained in Science and Social Studies.

In 2010 candidates scored 50 percent and more as compared to 2009. In Mathematics 34 percent scored 50 percent and more as compared to 2009 when it was 21 percent. This shows a significant increase in the number of students gaining 50 percent and more.

However, in 2009 there was a 27 percent pass with 50 percent and over while in 2010 this figure has dropped to 24 percent.

A 33 percent pass was recorded in Science in 2010 as compared to 23 percent in 2009 showing a significant increase

Performance in Social Studies this year showed a moderate increase with 34 percent gaining 50 percent and above while in 2009 there was a 32 percent pass registered.

The 106 students obtaining the highest marks came from 40 schools in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 with Georgetown recording the most passes with 71 students from 17 schools.

Region 3 recorded the second highest number of passes among the top 106 with 15 students from five schools, followed by Region 4 with 10 students from nine schools while Region 9 gained three places from two schools.

Places for the top five secondary schools were won by 743 students who gained between 534 and 555 marks with 137 students being awarded Queen’s College while 113 students were granted places at Bishop’s High School, 141 at St. Stanislaus College, 220 at St. Roses High and 132 at St. Joseph’s High.

Minister Baksh noted that with regards to performance by gender, the girls outperformed the boys in every subject and in every region.

In Mathematics there was a 27.27 percent pass among females as opposed to 23.55 passes among males.

In English the females represented a 23.69 percent pass rate as compared to 19.21 percent among males. In Science and Social Studies females accounted for 26.28 and 26.49 percent in passes while males accounted for 23.10 percent and 22.52 percent passes respectively.

Six students gained over 550 marks with MAE’s Under 12 student Sonia Ghir gaining the highest with a total of 555 marks followed by Tauhir Khan of Isa Islamic who gained 553 and Victoria Najab of ABC Academy with 551 marks. Shannon Woodroofe of School of the Nations, Marissa Scott of North Georgetown and Petunia Wood of Winfer Gardens all gained 550 marks each. (GINA)

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