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Modern veterinary lab to be built at Mon Repos

MON REPOS -A modern state-of-the-art veterinary laboratory will be constructed at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, part of Government’s plan to enhance, detect and respond to diseases that can affect the livestock sector.

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud made this announcement during a breeding animal distribution exercise at the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), on Saturday.

“The state-of-the-art veterinary lab will help to restore the entire Mon Repos stretch here as the epicenter of agriculture research and to ensure that adequate service to our farmers continues.”

The lab will also allow for the certification for export; as Guyana hopes to become a major exporter of meat product to supply the demand internationally.

He noted that works have been moving apace to develop and further modify the country’s animal health system to meet international standards. The project has already seen a consultancy submitting its first report on recommendations and steps to enhance the animal health system to meet market requirements.

As part of the agriculture diversification programme, emphasis is also being placed on genetics and improvements in breeds in the livestock sector. Government has realised the high importation cost of animals and therefore, with support from the British Government, breeding embryos were developed for the first time.

“We were able to create a large number of Texana Rams which was then followed by artificial insemination and so there is much more we will be doing in this area,” he said.

The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to diversity to further provide value-added commodities for local and overseas markets, reduce dependency from one source of livelihood, provide more employment opportunities especially in rural areas, and promote integrated farming systems.

On the issue of slaughtering facility, the Agriculture Minister expressed his disappointment over the way in which the Georgetown abattoir is being run. In line with this, US$1M will be invested in the construction of a new abattoir.

“The location we have identified is between Regions 4 and 5 because if we are to export buyers would want to come and inspect the facility and so we need to have these facilities certified.”

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