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Corporate yellow applicable to taxis only- MOHA

GEORGETOWN (GINA) –The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) today announced that the agreed color code, corporate yellow, applies only to taxi services and taxis associated with a service not to owners of personal hire cars, mini-buses, and tapirs that are being used for public transportation.

Owners of taxi services are advised that a waiver of fees for revenue licenses, road service licenses, certificate of fitness and radio spectrum will be granted for a two-year period. However, this waiver is conditional to the fulfillment of the usual requirements by the Guyana Revenue Authority and the Guyana Police Force.

Owners of taxi services are urged to cooperate with this regulation, which comes into effect from August 01, 2010, by ensuring that all taxis associated with a service are of the designated color.

In 2009, President Bharrat Jagdeo convened a meeting with owners of taxi services around the country in a bid to initiate a partnership agreement with the view of modernizing the services provided to customers.

A number of proposals was discussed including installation of meters to determine mileage and cost, uniform, installation of flex glass, no passengers in the front seat, installation of the service’s official logo and repainting all taxis in one common color.

However, it was agreed that the repainting of taxis would be mandatory, while the others could be complied with by choice, as Government does not want to exert undue pressure on taxi drivers.

Taxis that are in a specific color will be entitled to special privileges and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) will work towards a better relationship with drivers of one-colour taxis. Further, Government will also be financing training sessions on subjects such as first aid training and customer service.

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