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US refuses to correct ‘inaccuracies’ in trafficking in persons report

GEORGETOWN – The United States State Department said its findings in the 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report, which has placed Guyana on tier two for another year, are accurate and there is no need for any correction.

This came as the Guyana government rejected the report last Monday, claiming that it was riddled with inaccuracies and does not present a true picture about the country’s human trafficking situation.

In a statement, the government said human services minister Priya Manickchand was discussing Guyana’s concern with Luis De Baca, Ambassador-at-large and head of the GTIP office via telephone

The statement said that, during a telephone conversation on Monday, De Baca insisted that the conclusions and recommendations in the report are based on an earlier inaccuracy about large numbers of traffickers and trafficking victims existing in Guyana.

“Minister Manickchand said she observed that, despite sincere and comprehensive efforts, the US State Department failed to have the inaccuracies corrected and continued basing their conclusions and recommendations on those inaccuracies,” it added.

Manickchand pointed out how ridiculous the finding is that children from the country who come to town to go to school are potential victims of domestic servitude and therefore trafficking.

“Equally senseless was the recommendation that Guyana establish trafficking specific shelters to provide accommodation, care and counseling without credible evidence of a scale of trafficking to warrant more than what currently exists through Government supported NGOs like Help and Shelter,” Manickchand said.

She explained that Guyanese across the board are upset that isolated, anecdotal accounts of trafficking in persons in Guyana were given such unusual significance as to generate many of the recommendations by the US State Department in its report.

The minister added that countered the Ambassador’s invitation for Guyana to work in a partnership with the US by pointing out that the US State Department did not see fit to have the glaring inaccuracies and baseless accusations against Guyana corrected.

“The US State Department’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge Guyana’s contentions and their insistence on not changing anything in the report, makes a favorable response by Guyana to their offer of partnership difficult,” the statement noted.

The Guyana government, according to the statement, continues to insist that the reports are misleading and based on fabrications designed to make the GTIP office appear competent. The Administration intends to approach higher levels of the US Government and members of Congress to correct these misleading reports.


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