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IMC boss files $150M claim for libel and slander

by: Kaieteur News

The Chairman of an Essequibo Interim Management Committee has filed a $150M suit for libel and scandal against a Parika couple who has filed charges against him for attempted rape. The couple’s lawyer Anil Nandalall has confirmed that the suit has been filed and told this newspaper that on the instructions of his clients, he has entered a Notice of Appearance. Nandalall added that he has also entered on behalf of his clients, a counter claim for compensation for indecent assault.

The battle between the couple and the IMC Chairman began in April of this year when the Chairman, who is also the President of a Hindu Mandir, allegedly drugged a female member of his Mandir, took her to the Parika Backdam and attempted to have sexual intercourse with her against her will. The woman managed to fight him off. Two days later, the issue took on strange elements.

The couple reported that the leader went to the couple’s home, and also made contact two other times. On each occasion he demonstrated that he wanted to have sexual relations with the woman. On one occasion, he threatened the woman’s husband with his licensed firearm.

Since then the couple broke off all contact with the man and stopped attending the Mandir.

The couple states that after that, the threats began to come in prompting them to report the issue. They first tried to keep it within the religious group by reporting it to the various leaders as well as to National Head of the Hindu organisation. But no assistance was forthcoming. The threats continued and they decided to report the matter to the police.

The Leonora Police subsequently prepared a file based on the reports made, and submitted it to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice. It is expected that the file would be returned this week with the DPP’s recommendations.

It has also been alleged that as President of the Mandir, the IMC Chairman has constantly abused his position by behaving in the same manner towards other female members. This would usually be followed by threats of using his licensed firearm against them if they made any accusations about him.

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