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Guyana has capable security experts

GEORGETOWN -Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Deborah Backer, supports the contention made by substantive Minister Clement Rohee that Guyana has capable security experts but she suggests that some may not be fully utilised.

Backer in an invited comment yesterday said Guyana does not necessarily need any foreign experts but should utilise more of its own.

She also said that what is necessary however is a complete overhauling of the Guyana Police Force even to the point of changing the name to a, “Police Service.”

“What we need in the Police Force is a complete revamping…it has to be back to the drawing board,” said Backer.

She explained that the role of the Police is to serve and protect, adding that the human resource aspect of the enforcement organisation needs to be adequately trained in this regard.

Backer said that while her party is in no way against the investing of money to purchase equipment such as vehicles among other items for the Force, there is a need to properly address the human aspect and policies of the Guyana Police Force.

She drew reference to the recent shooting death of Kelvin Fraser.

Backer said that it must be realised that the ranks responding to that complaint knew that they were not about to enter into an armed hostile confrontation.

She questioned the need for the ranks to respond with such voracity.

To this end, she pointed out the recommendations recently adopted by the National Assembly that are contained in the Report by the Disciplinary Services Commission.

That report stated that “Permission to carry firearms should be restricted to GPF members who clearly demonstrate a high degree of responsibility. On occasions where it is necessary to equip junior ranks with firearms for frontline duties and the responsibility element is doubtful in such ranks, they should be under the control of a mature, responsible and experienced supervising rank.

Backer also pointed out the demeanour of ranks of the Guyana Police Force, adding that the daily encounters with members of the Guyana Police Force leave much to be desired.

She pointed out that it has been proven around the world that arrogant policing does not work.

Backer called for the Police Force to become more effective in their investigative capacity and have an intelligence-led approach to policing. (Kaieteur News)

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